10/08/2018 Paul

Willy, 27 years old, Citizen Responder tells the story of his intervention in Paris

Willy, a young 27-year-old journalist, is one of the 25,000 Citizen Responders. He was alerted at the end of June for a cardiac arrest Porte d’Orléans in Paris and tells us the course of his intervention:

“On Saturday, June 30th at 9:42, I was at home. At the time I was preparing an exam and had gone to bed very late the night before because of the revisions, and so I had not put an alarm clock. It was the application Staying Alive that woke me up. There were a few seconds of floating since it was the first time I heard the alert and I did not immediately assimilate it to the application. As soon as I got the phone under my eyes I therefore replied that I was available, 350 meters separating my accommodation from the Porte d’Orléans, place of intervention.
Once there, a policeman was already doing CPR. I immediately took over, another person was at the head (a nurse working in a crib if I recall correctly). I found a thoracic uprising (which I considered to be a gasp) as well as a pulse falling on the wrist. Given these signs I continued the chest compressions.
The EMT noted my contact information and I decided to leave the premises so as not to hinder the continuation of the intervention (in the meantime a medical team had arrived in addition to the first responders). I just remember that a shock was delivered by the firefighters with the defibrillator, and to have seen them resume the CPR while I walked away. “
The patient, aged sixty years, was transported alive to the hospital thanks to the intervention of Willy.
Willy had done his civic service at the Paris firefighters Brigade, he holds a first aid diploma in Team. If you are trained in first aid, like Willy you can save a cardiac arrest victim by becoming a Citizen Responder.