What is the Citizen Responder?

The Citizen Responder is a service that allows emergency professionals (firefighters, EMS) to locate and alert volunteers trained or not in CPR in case of cardiac arrest in the vicinity in order to help the victim or look for an AED.

How does the application work?

The Citizen Responder is available on the Staying Alive application (Apple AppStore and Google PlayStore). To register you must fill out a form (surname, first name, e-mail, and telephone number) and provide a proof of CPR training.
Subsequently, the Citizen Responder close to a cardiac arrest victim can be alerted by EMS to get there and start CPR before the ambulance arrives.
The alert notification is accompanied by a message asking the Citizen Responder whether or not he can help.
In addition to the “Citizen Responder”, the App integrates free defibrillator mapping.

What are the numbers of cardiac arrest in Europe?

In Europe, there are about 400,000 victims of cardiac arrest per year (almost 1,000 per day), of which only 10% are saved.
More than 70% of cardiac arrest occurs in front of a witness. Beyond 4 minutes, the victim loses 10% chance of survival per minute elapsed.

Who can become a Citizen Responder?

Any volunteer trained or not to CPR can become a Citizen responder.

Trained Citizen Responders are sent either to the victim or to the nearest defibrillator, while untrained Citizen Responders are sent exclusively to a defibrillator.

Why become a Citizen Responder?

Cardiac arrest may occur at home, in a public place or at work. Do not hesitate but dare to intervene, your role is essential. A minute won increases by 10% the chance of survival!

What is a cardiac arrest?

Also known as sudden adult death or cardiopulmonary arrest, cardiac arrest is manifested by a loss of brutal consciousness without pulse caused by the sudden inability of the heart to propel the blood to the brain and to the rest of the body.

What is a defibrillator?

The defibrillator is a medical device used to administer an electric shock to the victim. The electric shock makes it possible to reset the electrical circuit of the heart, resetting it in order to restore the normal rhythm.

On which supports does the application work?

The application is available for free on IPhone and Android via AppStore and Google Play.

What does a notification look like in the event of an alert?

The notification emits a distinct sound from other messages/alerts. Thus it is easy to recognize.

How does video calling work?

The video call is a possibility for the Citizen Responders and the emergency services (Firefighters, EMS) to launch a video communication, via Staying Alive, in order to provide a better understanding of the situation to firefighters and EMS operators.
It is necessary to allow your phone to access the camera and microphone to allow Visio calls with emergency assistance if necessary.

Should the application and mobile phone be turned on to alert us? If the mobile is in sleep mode/Is the sound muted?

It is not necessary for the staying Alive application to be launched (even in the background) to be alerted.

The phone must be turned on and the geo-location enabled so that you can receive an alert.

In what radius of the incident are we alerted by the application?

The alert radius depends on the area (urban or rural) and the choice of the EMS The average radius is 500 m.

is an Internet connection still required?

Yes, you need a 3G or WiFi connection to be alerted.

What happens if I cannot intervene?

In case of non-response or negative response, you are not identified. The system will alert other Citizen Responders around.
In any case, the EMT is dispatched.

Do we have a share of responsibility? What is the legislation being implemented?

This point depends on local regulations, but it’s clear that the Citizen Responder is an optional service not replacing professional EMT.

In case of a negative answer, you are not identified.

There can, therefore, be no prosecution of the “Citizen Responder” in cases where he could not intervene where the victim died prior to the arrival of the ambulance.

I no longer wish to be registered as a Citizen Responder, how do I unsubscribe?

Just launch the Staying Alive App, access to your Citizen Responder account and click on “Delete my Account”.

What happens if I answer that I can act but I'm too late?

The Citizen Responder has no result obligation and does not replace at any time the professional rescue. He or She represents a “plus” in the best of cases.

Who can trigger Citizen Responders?

Only the EMS dispatch trigger the Citizen Responders

Am I alerted if the application is not started, is not running in the background?

Yes. Staying Alive is not required to be started in the background to be alerted.

On the other hand, you should not delete the application otherwise you will not be notified.

Which territories are involved?

The Citizen Responder is deployed in more than 60 French states protecting 45 million citizens and in several regions abroad.

Will the deployment be extended to other regions? To the rest of the world?

Our goal is to extend the Good Samaritan to the whole French territory as well as to other countries in order to improve the management of cardiac arrest and to save even more victims.

How do I add a new defibrillator?

You have to launch the Staying Alive App, the map will be displayed then you will have to click on “+”.

How do I add a picture to a defibrillator?

Click on “Edit” and the “picture” logo will appear automatically.

How to report an error on a defibrillator (improperly placed defibrillator, imprecise address...)?

You have to click on “Report a Problem”, select the “Problem Type” then you can specify the problem.

How to use a defibrillator?

First, you have to open the defibrillator and follow the voice instructions. Then place the electrodes: one under the right clavicle and the other under the left breast. Connect the cable if it is not already connected. Once connected, the defibrillator indicates that it is conducting a heart rate analysis and that the victim should not be touched. This analysis lasts for a few seconds. It is important not to touch the victim to not disturb the analysis.

Then there are two possibilities:

  • Recommended shock: The device shocks or proposes to shock (depending on whether it is fully automatic or semi-automatic); Then press the button that flashes in the case of a semi-automatic AED. Do not touch the victim!

  • Shock not recommended: CPR must be resumed.

Anyway the pads must be left in place until the arrival of the Ambulance

Can I modify an existing defibrillator?


Since the last version of Staying Alive, it is possible to update all information about a defibrillator.

Can I access the defibrillator map without an Internet connection?

No, an Internet connection is required.

What is the breakout of Citizen Responders?

Citizen responders are divided among health professionals, professional first aiders, volunteers, trained and untrained Citizen Responders who are triggered to pick up a defibrillator.